Top Five Road Rides in Flemington

Spring is here!

Flemington offers so much to explorers. Gorgeous scenery along farm roads and an historic downtown offer explorers myriad opportunities for visual bliss. There is so much to see and there is no better way to explore Flemington—and the surrounding area—than by bicycle. After you dust off your bike, lube the chain, and check your tire pressure, head out on a few of our favorite rides to get ready for cycling season.

Bonetown Ride

This shorter ride has a nice long climb that will get your blood pumping early and it affords a gorgeous view to lift your spirit before coasting back to one of Flemington’s favorite brunch spots. At 5.3 miles, it is a great way to get back on your bike after a long winter hiatus. For a map of this ride, click here.

Park at the Trans-Bridge Lot Park and Ride

The Trans-Bridge Park and Ride lot is centrally located and offers a beginning point for several different rides.

Head West on Frenchtown Flemington Road

After you saddle up, head South out of the parking lot to Frenchtown Flemington Road (Route 12) and start west. You will go across the circle to stay on Frenchtown Flemington Road and head up a long but gentle climb.

Turn Left on Bonetown Road

After you make a left, Bonetown road will quickly split to the right. You only have a few minutes until in curves to the left, giving you a breathtaking view of Flemington before heading downhill.

Turn Left on Sergeantsville Road

Sergeantsville road can be busy, but there is an ample shoulder to ride in. You will be on this for a few minutes of rolling hills before reaching Dayton road.

Turn Right on Dayton Road

Once you turn on Dayton, you have an easy pedal through a quiet neighborhood and under a very short bridge, before reaching South Main Street.

Turn Left on South Main Street

South Main Street will bring you back to the second circle of this route.

Go 3/4 Around the Circle

Use the crosswalks to get three-quarters around the traffic circle and back onto Frenchtown Flemington Road (Route 12). A short pedal will bring you back to the Trans-Bridge lot.

Stop for Brunch at Grateful Bites

Before you get to the lot, might we suggest a post-ride brunch? Grateful Bites, run by Ability 2 Work, is a great place to eat and do good! “100% of the proceeds from Grateful Bites support the differently-abled in job sampling, training and employment.”

Up Up and Away Ride

If you plan on riding the Hell of Hunterdon next year, this is a great way to practice some climbing and downhill without spending an entire Sunday riding. Although, if you’re up for it, it is also a great second lap after the Two Circles Ride. This 6.7 mile ride will challenge you, but the rewards are frosty goodness. Here is a map of this ride.

Park at the Trans-Bridge Lot Park and Ride

The Trans-Bridge Park and Ride lot is centrally located and offers a beginning point for several different rides.

Head North Through Stangl Factory

Saddle up and ride north through Liberty Village Market Place and Stangl Factory.

Turn Left on Mine Street

A left onto Mine Street out of the Stangl parking lot will take you past the beautiful Saint Magdalen Catholic Church grounds just before you…

Turn Right on Shields Avenue

At the next intersection, bear left to stay on Shields Avenue.

Turn Left on Capner Street

Capner Street is short and will intersect with Old Croton Road.

Turn Right on Old Croton Road

Old Croton Road can be busy, but there is a nice shoulder and you won’t be on it very long.

Bear Right onto Barton Hollow Road

Get ready to get out of your saddle. You’ll pedal along next to the idyllic Walnut Brook as you begin a stout climb. Keep telling yourself, “it’s worth it.” We think you’ll agree.

Turn Right on Old Grove Road

This quick little road will take you to another climb, before a stout (there’s that word again) downhill.

Turn Right on Thatchers Hill Road

Just…a…little…more…climbing. Then an outstanding view and a barreling downhill. Make sure your brakes are in good working order.

Turn Right on Main Street

At the bottom of the hill, you’ll bear right onto historic Flemington’s Main Street. Take a breather as you pedal past the sites, but don’t miss your turn onto Mine street.

Turn Right onto Mine Street

You’re almost there. Just a couple of blocks and you’ll return to Stangl. Pedal through the parking lot to…

Stop at Lone Eagle Brewing

It’s time to reward all that “stout” riding with a stout, IPA, lager, or ale at Lone Eagle Brewing. Take a tour of the brewery, then sample beer by the flight or pint. Then grab a growler to bring home before packing up.

Farmland Ride

If you’ve got the time and the stamina, this is a great farmland tour of the Flemington area. At 21.2 miles and 1300’ of elevation gain, it’s a challenging route. If you’d like a map, it’s right here.

Start on Main Street in Flemington

There are plenty of places to park on and along Main Street. Pick your spot and saddle up for a challenging ride.

Head North on Main Street

Depending on where you park, you only have a few blocks to Capner Street.

Turn Left on Capner

The steepest climb on this route happens quickly, so get ready to get your heart pumping.

Turn Right on Old Croton Road

You’ll be on Old Croton Road for a few miles, but be prepared for the road to take a hard left at about four and a half miles.

Turn Right on Locktown Flemington Road

Just after the six-mile mark, you’ll take a right onto Locktown Flemington Road and begin wheeling your way through the farmlands that surround Flemington.

Turn Left at Locktown Presbyterian Church

At the church, the road is just called “Locktown,” but just up a quarter of a mile or so, it changes names to Locktown Sergeantsville road.

Make a Left on Mezaros Road

This is a quick cutover to…

Make a Right on Ferry Road

Another quick jaunt, then…

Make a left on Lambert Road

You’ll pass Delaware Township school and bear right, where the road changes names to Rosemont Rhingoes Road. You’ll pass a sleepy little stand of homes before you…

Make a Left on Sandbrook Headquarters Road

You’ll get some great views along this road and you may even spot some Bison grazing off to your left, before coming into the small village of Sandbrook.

Make a Right on Sergeantsville Road

This is a pretty major thoroughfare, but there is ample space in the shoulder to keep out of traffic. You’ll be met with a quick climb and then a series of long rolling hills as you pass farm fields and neighborhoods on your way back to Flemington.

Cross the Circle to Mine Street

You will come to a traffic circle, where you want to go straight across—we suggest using the crosswalks—onto Mine street.

Take Mine Street Back to Main Street

Wow, that was an epic ride. Perhaps it would be a perfect time to refuel at Bluefish Grill. The outdoor seating is perfect for a healthy and tasty meal that will make all that work worth it. Factory Fuel Co. is right next door and offers local coffee and espresso as well as fresh pastries that will warm your heart as you and your riding buddy discuss your next cycling adventure.

Neighborhood Ride-Family-Friendly

Do you ever wish you could go back to those long childhood summers, where you just cruised the neighborhood on your bike? Why not relive them with this fun, family friendly ride? Here’s a map to get you started.

Park on the Street Near Flemington Borough Park

Flemington Borough Park Is a great place for an an after-ride picnic. But first, lets get you riding.

Head East on Court Street

Keep the kids close and…

Make a Right on Main Street

This is the busiest road on the ride.

Make a Quick Left on Choister Place

You’re only on this one for a minute.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A left on Spring Street will follow the map, but take your time, like a child, and explore the neighborhood streets behind Main street. When you’ve wound through the idyllic neighborhood…

Head Back to Main Street

And make your way to Garden State Salad to pick up a salad or sandwich. Then ride back to the park to enjoy your fare. Please note that Garden State Salad is closed on Sundays.

Clover Hill Out and Back

This 11.5 mile out and back is for the more seasoned road cyclist. You will spend some time on busier roads (with plenty of shoulder room) before taking a back-road circle tour of Clover Hill park. The route affords great views of the Raritan river and some scenic farmland mixed with suburban neighborhoods. The map can be found here.

Park at Memorial Park

The Memorial Park ballfields are a great place to start your ride. Head west, out of the parking lot and head to Broad Street.

Make a Left on Broad Street

Make a Left on Church Street

Church Street can be busy. You will be on it for a while; first crossing Route 31 and then Route 22, where it changes names to Voorhees Corner Road.

Make a Right on Old York Road

Shortly after the intersection the road will split, stay left.

Make a Left on Clover Hill Road

This road will take you past Apple Hill Farms before intersecting with Amwell Road.

Make a Left On Amwell

Don’t blink!

Make a Left on Hockenbury Road

As you follow this road, be prepared to keep left when it intersects with 3 Bridges Road. About a mile up, you might think you’ve reached the nexus of the universe, because you’ll intersect with 3 Bridges Road again.

Keep Left on 3 Bridges Road

Follow this road along the Raritan river before it intersects with Old You Road.

Make a Left on Old York Road

It might not feel like it, but you’re on your way back at this point.

Make a Right on Voorhees Corner Road

Follow your tracks all the way back across 202 and 31, but before you go to your car, stop by Theresa’s Cafe’, on Broad Street for an amazing “seasonal variety of classic and gourmet sandwiches, burgers, daily 2 homemade soups, chili, a tempting choice of main course salads and daily lunch specials.” They have gluten free option as well!