‘Let’s Sit Together, Flemington’

With 40 comfortable – and colorful – new Adirondack chairs around town, Flemington has become more inviting than ever with its latest project, “Let’s Sit Together, Flemington.”

Let’s Sit Together

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting in one of these living works of art, now is your chance to pause for a moment and enjoy the sights and sounds of our historic borough on chairs built by Polytech students and painted by local artists.

Or maybe you want to have a fascinating conversation with a friend while on your way to dinner or a special event – or many conversations with many friends while you chair-hop your way around town.

The Adirondack chairs are located at 17 Flemington sites, including the Historic Courthouse, the post office, Flemington Free Public Library, the Stangl Factory, Lone Eagle Brewing and several restaurants, stores and galleries.

While you’re working your way around Flemington, you may also become inspired because each chair has an individual message dreamed up by an artist – whimsical, serious, contemplative or otherwise. For example, “Make someone smile today; Be happy; Choose kindness; Namaste”; and along culinary lines, “Mint julep; Taters; Grits and gravy.” And for a little change of pace, there’s even a chair for husbands to relax while on a shopping trip with a spouse, called “The Unhappy Husband Chair.”

So, let’s sit together, Flemington. Take a break – and take a seat. You’ll be so glad you did.

P.S. While you’re in town, don’t forget to check out Flemington’s new self-guided walking tour, “The Historic Flemington Trail,” which will take you to 30 fascinating sites. The tour is available at the visitor’s center on Main Street and online at https://bit.ly/2MbuajS.